Monday, February 23, 2009


I think that often times I feel like I am misunderstood by others. It feels like most times when I have something I really feel is important that I don’t have someone to talk to who feels the same way that I do. I often feel lonely during these times because I think there is nobody who understands me or what I am going through and often in the past I have forgotten one important fact. When it seems like nobody else understands you, God always does. I realize that may not be a profound statement because since God is omnipotent then He knows everything and therefore how could He not understand you, right? But I think it is more than that. Jesus came to earth and lived life as a man so He could understand our temptations and our trials. Instead of sitting up in heaven looking down and saying, “yeah I understand you are having trouble” God sent His son to experience those troubles first hand. I think that this is very important because often we feel that nobody understands us when you cannot find someone who has had an experience like yours. If they don’t know your anguish or your pain they cannot appreciate what you are going through at times. But God understands and you can count on Him for that because He made sure that He could touch us on such a personal level. It is truly amazing what He did for us when you think about it.

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