Sunday, March 8, 2009


Saturday night I went to see the Minnesota State Univ.-Mankato Mavericks vs. the Saint Cloud State Univ. Huskies. Being an MSU alum it was fun to go see the game. I enjoyed all the silly chants and idiosyncracies that make up college hockey. The fans can be a little rude to the other team but that is often part of the game.
There was one thing though that really bothered me.
During the Star Spangled Banner there are a number of fans that make a sound during phrase breaks in the song. "Oh say can you see" (noise) "by the dawn's early light" (noise), etc.
The sound is a pshhh sound that I am assuming is supposed to be a cymbal crash.
I am sorry to say that there was in my mind a lot of disrespect shown for our National Anthem, our flag, and the person singing the song.
I find the idea of people making sounds such as that during the singing of a song that is supposed to embody our country extremely disrespectful.
I feel bad for the person singing the song that has to hear that and in a way I feel worse for our National Guard members acting as the color guard. They are holding our American flag and our MN State flag proudly at full attention in full dress uniform and they have to endure people doing the equivalent of spitting at them.
Where has the respect gone?
How can we bring it back?
There are so many questions like that running through my head. I find it disheartening.

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